Hello! My name is Layne.

 I am a friendly, down to earth girl, that LOVES to photograph anything and everything.  I have been told that I need to "specialize" in something....but the world is too awesome to limit myself. 

I Love Weddings....watching 2 people that I have spent many hours with, be it on the phone, or via MANY emails and in person meetings, commit to each other is a wonderful thing. By the time the wedding comes along I feel very vested in my couples....I more times than not cry!  I Love the fast pace and fly on the wall type photography I provide for weddings.....keeps me on my toes.

But.......I do LOVE my babies......I love coming into a home and creating a calm and relaxed environment for both baby and parents.  I love to watch them grow through the years......I think I love them the most.

I Love my Seniors.....Capturing their final images as "kids" before they become young adults and venture into the real world...via College, school or a job.  Senior photos are important reminder of how quickly time goes.

But My Kids...my toddlers to pre-teens are so much fun.  I love a challenge.  I don't do poses, I do opportunities.  I do fun.  I do silly.  I don't do stress, I don't do yell.  I do Photography. 

Action Sports!!!!!!  This is a new venture.  I can't stand POSED photography.  I want action.  I want a story...did he hit a home run, was he safe at first!?  A stiff still picture will never evoke those thoughts!  Action Sports photography will....and I want to capture it!