Get the Family together!

I hope that through my photography people not only get some great images, but also memories of getting together and having fun.  I am a rare bread in the photography business, I think, I like to do big extended family photos. 

  This is the Lawhead crew (well some of them, okay just a small portion of them!) Mom and Dad (David & Colleen) and their daughters Chrissy & Ashlie, and their families. Great Grandma, Colleens mom, was even there....I won't tell you her age....but I bet she's older than you think!!

 I love to see the dynamic between families, and there was no disappointment there!  I am an only child, and lost all of my grandparents by the time I was 8.  I didn't get the big family experience.  I think that is what draws me to this type of session.  There are just 10 in this extended family session, but I should blog about the Mason Family some day...another extended family I love to take pictures of!

  Enjoy some more samples of the Lawhead crew.

There is always room for "non-Traditional" shots.  And when there are kids and trees, they will climb!!!! And statue of liberty even makes an appearance.