Thinking Long term- Extended Family Photos

  Photography is about capturing life.  When you are a parent of young children you arrange frequent sessions when your children are younger.  Then as they enter school and the sessions become less frequent.  Then when they become Seniors in High School you schedule their "Senior photo" session.  And then again when they get married you seek out a wedding photographer...and then they get pregnant, and they take over the cycle of photography.  

  But what about you! The parent, grandparent, great Grandparents?  You need to be included, because your kids, grandkids and great grand kids will want those photos.  They will want to show their kids that they have their grandmothers eyes and great grandfathers lips.  It goes further than just parents, it extends to aunts, uncles and cousins.  

 Sometimes loved ones are taken from us quickly and we don't get a chance to get a good photo of them when they were happy. Sometimes love ones are diagnosed with something life altering before they can get that family photo.  Often between doctors appointments and treatments a photo sessions seems the furthest thing from your ability to schedule.  And it just may be, but a 30 minute time block for photos will mean the world to future generations.  I know a couple of families that have recently contacted me because of such a diagnoses, they want photos now before they lose their hair, or a breast or have to have an eye patch in the rest of their photos.  Each family has expressed they want photos to celebrate the way they live now, and will later take photos when they are on the other side of their diagnoses and can celebrate they storm they survived.  

 But there is no reason to wait for a diagnoses, get photos now, and often with your parents.  Just because you haven't lived in their house for 20, 30 of 50 years or more doesn't mean you shouldn't be including them in photos.  And I am guilty of this!  It is my mission in the next 6 months to get photos with my mom.  I know sounds simple being a photographer...but it's harder than you think.  I'm an only child so this is extra important to me.  My in-laws also don't know they have the same fate coming for them and their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren!  

 Be like this family and get photos frequently and have fun with it!