Rainy Day tips


 Well here in the St.Louis, MO metro area...Smithton, IL to be exact it's been raining for what seems like for weeks.  I had to reschedule 6 sessions this past weekend. Do to all of this rain. 

 So what does a photographer do on rainy crappy days that were suppose to be filled with photography.

  Of coarse I spend time with my family.  My two kids Jack, age 6, and Olivia age 3..and my husband Jim age not important!!!!  But of coarse I have to still force them to be models.  So let me tell you sometimes as a photographer photographing your own kids is a disaster of monumental portions.  Today....not to bad but not overly wonderful!

 I started with setting up.  Found myself a good clean wall, so I wouldn't have to Photoshop out any wall outlets or switches.  Something to think about when you are photographing your own kids.  Check your walls for a plan solid surfaces without any distractions.  Because, even if you don't plan on photo-shopping you don't want to worry about a random outlet sticking out from the side of your kids head.  So take the time and look around for a clean wall. 

After you find your wall if working with kids under 6-7 (I would say) find something to sit on, a box, chair or stool.  It helps kids have a spot verses just telling them to stand in a random spot.  It also give you some structure and depth.

 So in my case I have a box I use all the time.  I pulled my box out about 3 feet from my wall and put a small blanket under it so it just didn't look like a box on carpet, gave it a more polished feel. As you can see here this is NOT my kids, but my 7 month old kitten Stickers. 


Having a spot allows your subject to claim their spot, and feel more relaxed.  I have never really attempted feline portraits!!! But seemed to work.  Here is my other 7 month old kitten Marshmallow (aka Arshpillow my 3 year old can't seem to get it out correctly) I was able to get some really good closeups. 

cat photo2

The box isn't always visible but it's always helpful.  And Yes she is in her jammies....hey you get what you get on a lazy rainy Saturday morning.

kid photography

And sometimes the box becomes very helpful to use as a prop as well.  My son and husband have the rc car bug bad.  if it has wheels we probably own 3 of them!

kids and rc cars

i always try and capture my subjects personality.  so the next rainy day try out some of these tips on your own kids.